International Experience

TOKI received the United Nation's "HABITAT Scroll of HONOR" in 1994 for having provided housing credits to hundreds of thousands of low and medium income families and for having implemented the Erzincan Earthquake Reconstruction Project successfully.

TOKI performs housing and urbanization activities under the existence of data flow with international establishments.  After UN HABITAT II Conference (organized by TOKI in Istanbul in 1996), TOKI was accepted as the administration in charge that provides a coordination with all of official and private establishments for its studies being performed in accordance with Habitat decisions.

Constructions abroad are funded through post-disaster donations and humanitarian relieves, and the Administration conducts its activities (through Protocols regarding Construction) as the implementation unit of these projects (in line with official assignments). In this context; there are TOKI implementations in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Somalia.

(1.050 houses in Banda Aceh region of Indonesia for those losing their houses in the earthquake and tsunami that occurred in South Asia, and 500 houses in Sri Lanka for the victims of the same disaster were completed with necessary social facilities and put into service. "Muzafferabad Local Government Management" complex project has been realized in Jammu and Kashmir States after the earthquake to the northeast of Pakistan in 2005, and 2 primary schools, 2 dormitories, 197 houses, 12 management buildings, a mosque, college building, conference and exhibition hall, shopping center, guesthouse and gym were constructed. After the flood disaster that occurred in Pakistan in 2010, construction of 4.620 houses and 37 social facilities have been delivered in 10th month of 2013 having completed their tenders in the first half of 2011. Finally in Somalia, the construction of the 200-bed hospital, 40-class nurse college, and a place of worship for two thousand people on enclosed and open areas has been finalized. TOKI personnel followed the implementation process via provisional engagements throughout the work.)

In 2008, TOKI was awarded the "International Award for Entrepreneurship in Real Estate and Housing Development" sponsored by Expo Italia Real Estate (EIRE).

In 2008, TOKI's Erzincan-Çarşı Quarter Urban Renewal-Slum Transformation Project was selected as a "Good Practice" in the HABITAT Best Practices Award organization.

North Ankara Entrance Urban Renewal Development Project was selected as one of the "Good Practices" for the year 2009 by the international selection committee of the UN-HABITAT Business Awards, China.

Drawing upon its accumulated body of knowledge and experience in the fields of housing and human settlements, TOKI performs studies related to arranging meetings and organizations about its activity subjects and sharing with relevant occupation groups, in national and international level. Two Housing Conventions were arranged by TOKI on April 8- 9, 2006 and on March 3-4, 2011 in İstanbul, with contributions of international participants.

The practices carried out by TOKI throughout the country and the fact that the developed models are monitored curiously in the international platform entail information exchange and cooperation requests by various countries. Negotiations with similar corporations and establishments of 97 countries, particularly regional countries are in progress, and memorandums of "cooperation in the field of mass housing development" are being signed with various countries.

There are increasing requests for benefiting from the technical experience of TOKI in various construction works abroad, and necessary joint efforts are conducted on the matter by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and other concerned Ministries.

The awareness of TOKI's low-cost, qualified and accessible housing production experience has been also increased in international level.

"TOKI Model", in the sense of most effective channeling to those in need of globally decreasing public resources, is a "best practice" developed by Turkey.
This model was presented to the participants in the "Side Events section of the UN HABITAT III Conference", held in Ecuador in 2016.