Administrative Position

The Mass Housing Law (Law No. 2985) set TOKI as a public legal entity whereas the said Law also set its duties, incomes, supervision and the fields in which it makes disbursements.(1984)

When the items drawn up as the incomes of the Housing Development Administration (TOKI) by the said Law's 2nd Article are examined within this scope, it is seen that the appropriation allocated by the Budget Laws is also included in the Administration's incomes, but when this Article is assessed as a hole however, the Administration then appears as a "special budgeted" state economic enterprise in terms of its sources of income and the locations in which these resources will be used.

TOKI is a non-profit government administration. It has a well-established non-profit business model which avoids many of the common pitfalls of institutionalized bureaucracy.

With the amendments made to the Turkish Constitution in July 2018, the "Presidential Governmental System" has been adopted in Turkey.  Continuing its activities as a subsidiary of the Prime Ministry, TOKI is attached to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. (Pursuant to Decree Law No. 703 of 9 July 2018)