Housing Development Administration of the Republic of Türkiye (TOKİ), aims fundamentally producing solutions to the problems with regard to housing and urbanization in Türkiye at national scale, and continues its activities to realize an adequate number of quality housing in healthy urban environment of the country.

In line with the Turkish Government Programs and legal assignments, since the year 2002, TOKİ has been assigned to focus on developing mass housing projects for the low and middle-income target groups, due to existing demand for qualified and affordable houses in several regions.

TOKİ, with its rapid housing production practices, aims to meet 5% -10% of the housing need of Türkiye.

Disadvantaged groups are TOKİ's priority in social housing program. The social housing program targets mainly the low and middle-income people who cannot own a housing unit under the existing market conditions. Social housing program consist the projects targeting poor groups, low-income families, middle-income families and urban transformation projects, and additionally the housing projects under the title of disaster management and restructuring.

The other activities are mainly the agricultural village projects, migrant dwellings, restoration of buildings of historical-cultural importance, cooperative credits and housing credits for victims of war.

Within the scope of the "Planned Urbanization and Housing Development Mobilization" of the Governments of Republic of Türkiye, since 2002;  1.082.645  housing units' productions in 81 provinces have been given start at 5.075 construction sites. (by June 2022)

922.938 of the houses produced (86,92%) are social type housing units.

The number of sold houses is 1.060.047 and the number of delivered houses is 853.280.

7.163 tenders amounting to 224 Billion TL.(including VAT) has been finalized at construction and project stages.

TOKİ also holds a regulatory position providing sampling in the housing market of Türkiye without competing with the private sector, facilitating and pioneering housing production by private enterprises prioritizing qualified and contemporary production, producing models and trying to balance the market.

 2023 VISION

Due to the demand for social housing, the production of qualified and affordable low-cost housing will continue rapidly until 2023.

Community Gardens are being expanded in 81 provinces in order to create healthy living spaces in our cities and to increase the standards of urban green spaces and quality of life. This will be carried out with the local government and related institutions under the leadership of the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change, on an area of 81 million m² until 2023.

TOKİ, with the models it has developed, functions as an umbrella rather than a competing body in the housing sector of Türkiye in awareness of its responsibility as a guiding, supervising and educating organization and undertakes a significant role in production prioritizing the demands and solvency of the target masses in need.

In this context, TOKİ carries on its housing production activities throughout the country in view of the below priorities;
• Developing Urban Regeneration and Slum Transformation Projects in cooperation with the Municipalities,
• Realizing social housing projects for low and middle income target groups,
• Using low-rise designs that are compatible with local architecture.
• Increasing educational and social facilities as well as other social facilities, forestation and landscapes, and
• Realizing at least one Community Garden in each province of Türkiye.