It has been accepted that housing is a human right since the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. Such right is included in Article 56 of the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey as "Everybody has the right to live in a healthy and balanced environment" and in Article 57 as "Our State shall take measures to meet the housing need within the framework of a plan to observe the characteristics and environmental condition of the cities".


The Mass Housing Law (Law No.2985) passed to this end is a framework law defining the fundamental principles, which give direction to the solution of the housing problem in Turkey, particularly on the subjects of organization and funding. The Law is provision of public supports to meet the housing requirements of the country and fulfilling of necessary service at the hand of an administration organized to this end.


Thus established, the Housing Development Administration (TOKİ) has been effective in developing social housing projects in Turkey since 1984.


Important steps have been taken since 2002 to produce solutions at national scale to problems regarding housing and urbanization and to ensure adequate and quality housing production at urban spaces.


As of December 2018; the number of housing units started to be produced by TOKİ is 830.960.


The production continues in 81 provinces on a total of 3.650 construction sites. Construction process is monitored on project basis by the technical personnel of the Administration and consultant firms.


5.960 tenders have been concluded during this process. This is an investment size of approximately 106,8 Billion TL., including construction and project stages.


This investment provides direct and indirect employment to 900 thousand people providing significant contribution to the construction sector in Turkey.