TOKİ, with the models it has developed, functions as an umbrella rather than a competing body in the housing sector of Turkey in awareness of its responsibility as a guiding, supervising and educating organization and undertakes a significant role in production prioritizing the demands and solvency of the target masses in need.


900.000 individuals profited directly or indirectly from involvement in TOKİ’s projects.


New vision of TOKİ within the scope of the programme of the Government of the Republic of Turkey is to realize the project target of 1 million housing units by the end of 2023. In this context, the Administration carries on its housing production activities throughout the country in view of priorities and needs;




Within the framework of the 2023 vision, the first priority of TOKİ is production of housing with increased quality and qualifications.  Horizontal architecture shall be preferred rather than the vertical one. 


Local architecture shall be prioritized, and care shall be taken for construction of life spaces in compatibility with a city’s own architecture, culture, values and geographical peculiarities.


TOKİ shall act a pioneer in urban transformation. 40% of the social type housing units is intended to be realized within the scope of the urban transformation/renewal projects.