TOKİ's building performance, for the last 10 years, within the scope of the "Planned Urbanization and Housing Production Programme" corresponds to 22 cities with a population of over 100.000, each along with their social facilities.

TOKİ, with the models it has developed, functions as an umbrella rather than a competiting body in the housing sector of Turkey in awareness of its responsibility as a guiding, supervising and educating organization and undertakes a significant role in production prioritizing the demands and solvency of the target masses in need.

Since 2003, 800.000 individuals profited directly or indirectly from involvement in TOKİ’s projects.

The Law "on Transformation of the Areas under Disaster Risk" dated 16 May 2012 and numbered 6306" prepared by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization within the framework of the necessity of renovation of the 15 million housing stock, whereby approximately 6.5 million houses are to be demolished and reconstructed within an average of 20 years against the disaster risk in our country, has also imposed significant tasks on TOKI.

Istanbul, the biggest city of Turkey, is one of the three candidate cities for 2020 Summer Olympics and Paralympic Games in the world, along with Madrid and Tokyo. Official candidateship files shall be delivered to the International Olympics Committee (IOC) in January 2013, and after the IOC’s submission of its report in June 2012 having visited candidate cities in February and March, the host city shall be elected in Buenos Aires in 125th session of IOC on 7 September 2013. In this context, further to the Prime Ministry, the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Istanbul Governorship, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and the Turkish Paralympic Committee, TOKI with its strong legislative authority in the subjects of zoning approval, land nationalization and contact with the sector, carries on its efforts to provide all superstructure and substructure supplies of the games as the Zoning Authority in coordination with all authorized bodies.

New vision of TOKI within the scope of the programme of the 61st Government of the Republic of Turkey is to realize a new project target of 500 thousand houses by the end of 2023. In this context, the Administration carries on its housing production activities throughout the country in view of priorities and needs.